Yoga Sri Lanka

Experience of Yoga Sri Lanka – a fresh epoch in your life.

Yoga Light-House in Sri Lanka provides individual guidance in self development, improvement of body and mind conditions through application of Yogic and Ayurvedic practices. We embrace individual approach to all harmony seekers. We share ancient knowledge of well-being, strong-willing, wise-living and, if needed, soul healing with our guests arriving at Yoga Sri Lanka.
At our Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka people from around the globe come to expand and deepen their understanding of mind, body and soul, practice meditation and postures, rest, rejuvenate, and develop new way of balanced living both within and without.

Yoga Light-House Sri LankaOur Spiritual Center is nested on the western coast of the transcendental and magnificent Indian Ocean, where beats of industrialized life come to a complete standstill giving way to super natural tropical environment and you a chance to get new insight and experience of unprecedented state of mind & body. We are located on the vast and free from hustle and bustle beach, in convenient proximity to the International Airport and Colombo – Puttalam road.

What benefits you will acquire with Yoga Sri Lanka

Yoga Sri Lanka• On physical level – you will learn how to balance 3 doshas, investigate and discover weak points of your body constitution (Prakruti), if there are any recurring diseases you will learn how to combat and eradicate them by managing your Life-Style; you will increase endurance and vitality of the body;
At Yoga Light-House we use pulse diagnose (Nadi Vijnana) to determine your Prakruti (given at birth) and Vikruti (obtained through living) conditions of physical and energy bodies. Based on this a proposed food and life style plan will be produced and presented for your consideration.

At Yoga Sri Lanka, we make herbal medicine (rasayana) in accordance with ancient formulas using powerful energy of Sri Lanka herbs. We also apply Indian science of Ayurveda both in yoga practice and treatment of ailment if any. Ayurvedic or rebalancing message can be given at our premises.
• On mental level – you will learn methods and kriyas for mind and sense control and stability. Through an individualized practice you will learn how to acquire peace and serenity, you will grow positive traits and features of your individuality so as to remain centered and focused, confident and relaxed in your day to day living.
• On soul level – you will be able to trace your positive and negative karmic imprints (Samskaras) and know how to handle them without generating new ones both in awake and sleep states of the mind; as the grip of karmic reactivity loosens armed with new knowledge and experience you will be able to choose to abide here and now acting positively with no regrets about the past or longing for the future;
Finally you will have an individual Yoga Life-Style developed for your present self-awareness level which you can improve by applying it in every moment of your life.
As secondary benefits you will explore Sri Lanka, gain access to sandy and grassy beaches, tropical environment, fresh fruits and vegetables, straight from the water seafood, the Maha Yoga River, unique landscapes and culture of the Indian Ocean’s jewel – all of this can become your personalized journey to the island full of adventures and spiritual treasures.
Our mission is to invoke transformative light in those humans who really need it. We don’t apply any stress-related methods or any kind of force, which is himsa. We’ve simply arranged an atmosphere that genuine and unique, aspiring and transformative in nature. We put our guests into totally different conditions then those they are habitual to in their day to day urban life. This will uplift the veil of artificial surroundings and lead them to a position of witness, an observer halting the flow of reactions caused by karmic habits of grasping and aversion that drive the mind here and there with illusions of unhappiness and unfulfilled hopes. From this stand point our guests will manage to obtain new experience, draw unconditional insight and vision of their True Self as well as flexible & healthy bodies. Some might go to the point that they will defy their destiny. We let things happen and don’t make them to. We let Yoga unveil its powers to you.

Meditation on the OceanOur end product has no material form or expression. It is something that already dwells within each individual, something that unites everything and everyone and called Yoga, Inner Self, Internal Guide, Infinite and Absolute Consciousness. It is something that can’t be bought or sold, described or defined but only discovered and deserved by personal selfless and righteous efforts.

Yoga Host NikolasThe Yogi Host, Nikolas, is the founder of Light-House, initiator of Spiritual Sadhana at Yoga Sri Lanka

Yoga Hostess Jeewanthi
The Yogi Hostess, Jeewanthi,
is the Fire Keeper and owner of our ayurveda retreat, Kundalini that dreams within to wake up one day.