Yoga Retreat Sri Lanka

Yoga Retreat Sri LankaYoga Retreat Sri Lanka

Planning to attend a yoga retreat Sri Lanka? This post might provide a few fresh ideas on yoga in Sri Lanka.

In modern times known as an era of information Yoga is everywhere – it is popularized in social media, propagated among the young and old, the weak and strong, the poor and rich. Almost every town and city will have a yoga studio or school where you can get yoga guidance for money. You do not need to search far and wide to attend a yoga class -google search will quickly provide directions of the nearest yoga center to your location. Don’t get confused by a variety of Yoga styles, trends and brands. Yoga became a part of the market that inevitably leads to versatility with the essential goal of selling. And yoga (union, oneness) turns into multiplicity, competition and opposition. Yoga in Sri Lanka

One of such products in the market that is growing in demand and popularity is yoga holidays when you travel to another place, country or continent to experience different environment,  surroundings, culture, food, climate, people and all of the above seasoned with the yoga gravy. Let us look at what yoga travel has to offer to customers and what has made it such an attractive product in the market. Yoga in Sri Lanka

And to be more precise let us take yoga journeys to the island of Sri Lanka and enumerate names with discriptions as well as reasons for a great variety of Yoga Retreats and Centers that have sprung up in recent times.

  1. Nature of Sri Lanka promotes quietude of the mind and links you towards your own nature.
  2. Water element manifested in the Indian Ocean, innumerable lakes and life-sustaining rivers purifies both thoughts and bodies. Yoga in Sri Lanka
  3. Earth element manifested in magnificent mountains and eye-catching scenery and landscapes.
  4. Fire element expressed in 365 days of summer with a climate that keeps your body warm and open for transformation.
  5. Air element boosts your creativity and adaptability giving new insight and point of view to contemplate over your life perspectives.
  6. Either element promotes meditative state of the mind. Many people arrive to Sri Lanka to learn more about spiritually and meditation as a means to establish connection between human world and spiritual world.
  7. Inhabitants of the island are more than friendly and open, eager to help and chat. English is quite well understood by locals and smiling is a never ending way of communication here.
  8. The island is of medium size though astonishes with diversity of wilf-life, vegetation, terrain and even climate.
  9. Buddhism with all its virtues and ideals is still in the air and that can be the reason why the island bears the name Sri Lanka – Sacred Land.
  10. Ayurveda is an intrinsic part of Sri Lankan nature that naturally sprung up from itself. Ayurvedic education on the island is the most comprehensive and offers theory and all conditions to put it into practice. The climate of Sri Lanka gives life to a great variety of herbs and plants with ayurvedic properties and healing powers.
  11. All the year round fresh fruits and vegetables are available on the island. Coconuts are in abundance here and there is almost no meal without scraped coconuts or coconut milk.

Let us look at some yoga Retreats and Centers in Sri Lanka which are constantly growing in numbers and diversity.

List of Yoga Retreat Sri Lanka


Villa My Way – quite a new Yoga Retreat Sri Lanka is located in Ahangama. The property overlooks the rain forest, just 10 min to the white beach of Indian ocean and 30min from Historical Galle Fort, organizes free yoga classes twice a day.

Yoga Retreat Villa My Way also includes a spa centre and offers massage treatments. It provides Ayurveda Doctor’s Consultation. Guests can enjoy an outdoor pool and a restaurant on site. You can play darts at the property, and free use of bicycles is available.

This Yoga Retreat serves breakfasts and dinners.


DOOWA YOGA is a yoga retreat Sri Lanka, located in Kandy, which provides resources and facilities to learn and practice the yoga of the great Eastern traditions. Accommodation is not available. You will need to find a closeby place to stay. The yoga retreat offers Drop-in classes as well as 7-14 days courses. 100 hours yoga teacher training is also conducted from time to time at the yoga center.


The yoga retreat Niyagama House was completed in 2012 by the German architect and yoga teacher Elke de Silva and her Sri Lankan husband Chaminda. It is situated on the highest point of an active tea plantation, nine kilometers inland from the coastal city of Galle. 7 generous rooms and 2 double suites are equipped with high quality furniture and luxurious bathrooms. There is 18 meter chlorin free pool. Niyagama House and pool area is non-smoking – with a “secret” smoking spot just behind the pool. They do not serve alcohol – but you can bring your own and enjoy it where ever you want to. All of the above adds up to the relaxing purpose of this yoga retreat Sri Lanka.


Another ayurveda and yoga retreat Sri Lanka, Plantation Villa situated in a rural village called Nehinna, in Kalutara, 120km away from the International Airport and 80 km from the capital city of Colombo.

The yoga retreat centre has 8 rooms overlooking the lush gardens which are decorated in colonial style. The property itself is a 30 acre plantation of Rubber, Coconut, Cinnamon and Black Pepper located at quite a distance from Kalutara town as well as the beach. Plantation Villa is more an ayurvedic retreat than a truly yoga center that offers an authentic ayurveda treatments, food and care.

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