Yoga Pilgrimage Center

DSC_2034Yoga Pilgrimage Center – is an extention of Yoga Light-House into the mountainous part of Sri Lanka, to the origins of the human kind, the heart center of the Island. It can become a second phase of your practice or an immediate jump into Yoga if you are an advanced practitioner.


The Center is hidden amidst tropical forest in the Knuckles Range area where many rivers of the Island start their path. One of such rivers is Maha Yoga River. This is a kingdom of nature – skyscraping tree giants, with roads trodden by rain, animals and finally humans; magic fountains created by waterfalls; inspiring and pacifying landscapes.

DSC_2257Here you will be surrounded by the sounds of virgin nature where constant flow of crystal clear water streams creates ideal conditions for spontaneous meditation. The accent of your practice will shift to Samyama which is the collective method of Concentration (Dharana), Meditation (Dhyana), and Samadhi.


Trekking the pilgrimage trails through mountainous area will trigger the upright movement of Kundalini. Here you will be one to one with your true nature and Yoga Pilgrimage Center will guide and help you on the way to Shiva.

If Yoga Light-House is concerned mostly with harnessing and stabelizing the pranic flow of energy, increasing and bringing Shakti under control, generating transformational light, the mission of Yoga Pilgrimage Center is to take what has been gained through your Sadhana and direct it straight to Shiva, to the origin of everything thus bringing you to your True Self.