Yoga Day

Practice of Yoga Asana Sri LankaYoga Light-House’s vision of life is simple yet aspiring self-study and self-investigation. Below we outline main concepts of yoga day our guests will engage in at our yoga retreat in Sri Lanka:

Practice of Pranayama Sri Lanka

– we strongly believe that genuine yoga practice isn’t possible in group sessions which are merely market activities;
– we profess an individual approach to each guest. Upon arrival you will be consulted by the Host in order to determine your Mind-Body type which will have direct impact on your personal Yoga and Ayurveda management plan for the time of your staying with us. 

It’s only at the beginning of your Path that you need external guidance. No one can make and accomplish a yoga day for you, it is a private Sadhana indeed. When you advance with your practice you will discover an internal Guide that will tell you what practice is auspicious to you and when. This Guide is a true Guru of yours. Once discovered, half of your Sadhana is accomplished.

Yoga Asana Sri Lanka

– Asana is a crucial step in Yoga, oversimplified and understood as exercise performed with therapeutic purposes Asana has become a meaning of Yoga for most people in the West. At Yoga Light-House asana is a medium, tool or a vehicle balancing the physical and pranic bodies that allows you proceed to more advanced steps of Yoga practice like pranayama, pratyahara, concentration and meditation.

Hannuman AsanaWe implement asanas for all levels of yoga-followers. For beginners intense asana practice will promote physical purification. The purpose of asana is to create and stabilize a free flow of energies on the physical plane that will directly affect your health and vitality; as well as indirectly – mind and awareness. The outcome – lightness of physical body. Consequence – a practitioner proceeds further by going deeper into the mind and beyond. Eventually all concerns about asanas, physical body and its position disappear as soon as deep meditation happens.

Particular asanas support in treating some diseases but are rarely a sufficient treatment in themselves. Their help is mainly indirect. They work to improve circulation to impaired areas in order to release toxins and improve the healing and growth of tissues. So we should move into asana to direct the prana flow to the part of the body that one is seeking to benefit. Prana brings healing affect and not the posture by itself. 

We select and modify asanas according to individual’s condition, physical and mental constitution. Self-conquest and self-mastery are the greatest psychical attainments from the proper asana practice.

Practice of Pranayama Sri Lanka

– we employ an integral approach to your practice that combines eight limbs of Classical Yoga:
1) Yama – Social Conduct; 2) Niyama – Personal Behavior; 3) Asana – Physical Postures; 4) Pranayama – Control of Vital Force; 5) Pratyahara – Control of Senses; 6) Dharana – Control of the Mind; 7) Dhyana – Meditation; 8) Samadhi – Absorption (Realisation) integrating methods of Hatha, Raja, Karma, Bhakti, Jnana Yoga. Depending on the state of your body, mind and soul one of the steps or methods become more crucial for further spiritual unfoldment at particular moment.

Each next step will become quite obvious to you as you discover that you are the sculptor of your destiny, the master of your life, and the freedom of your soul is your birthright to claim through accomplishments of your Sadhana.

Trataka Practice Sri Lanka– Yoga Light House of Sri Lanka employs Shatkarmas and Ayurvedic Treatments to remove physical blocks and imbalances, to prepare the body and mind for more subtle experience and to allow the practice unveil wisdom and light to the practitioner without pain or psychophysical complications.
Cleansing of the subconscious level of the mind plays even more important role on your path as most of the blocks on the physical plane are direct consequences of psychological (I-concept) toxins and clogs

Practice of Meditation Sri Lanka– we recommend vegetarian diet during your stay with us to bolster personal benefits of the practice. However you are not restricted in your choice. A recommended food plan will be produced at the consultation and will be based on your Guna-Dosha constitution as well as on your present physical and mental conditions

Yoga Day Sri Lanka– for people exhausted by industrialized life and artificial food consumption we have developed ayurvedic yoga day to overcome and remove toxins on both physical and mental levels as well as to establish new foundation of health and mental strength for more profound spiritual practices

Yoga Nidra Practice Sri Lanka– our yoga day is literally 24 hours, which means we try to preserve uplifted and higher state of awareness as long as possible

– in the night we practice Yoga of Dreams so as not to fall victim of karmic traces causing dreams of our sleep to blur the clarity of the mind

Yoga Day Sri Lanka

– for many our spiritual home will turn into a citadel of love and care, for others – an oasis of dreams that come to be realized, many will find a resort and refuge here that will revitalize their bodies, purify the mind and heal the soul. We do not enquire anything about your qualification, position, parentage, caste or capacity.  Our Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka is open to all. We welcome even socially condemned people like thieves and rogues, persons of tender age and those who are sickly and old also. We know very well that they will all be able to rediscover themselves and become dynamic Yogis when they are allowed to stay in a place charged with marvellous spiritual vibrations

Yoga Retreat and Meditation– all our practices aim at generating transformative agni (fire) that helps purify the mind and the body thus some experience might not be pleasant for a practitioner. To move further and allow transformations to occur you might need a few days of rest by suspending your practices and returning to secular life. Yoga Light-House in Sri Lanka gives you total freedom of choice and all facilities needed for a worldly living as long as you are consistent and aware of your spiritual goals

Yoga Meditation Sri Lanka– during your yoga day you might feel the need to dedicate some of your free time and efforts for development of our multinational and multicultural yoga retreat in Sri Lanka by helping in the garden, cleaning, cooking, repairing, chopping wood or just sharing your advice on improvements we need. Selfless effort is a part of Karma Yoga and will greatly contribute to your Sadhana in general.

“It is not through compulsion or rules or regulations that men can be transformed into divine beings. All spiritual seekers must have convincing experiences of their own.” – Swami Sivananda. This is the one and only way to self-realization. Yoga Light-House in Sri Lanka is always there to guide, help and serve you on your path.

Yoga Program Sri LankaBelow we provide an example of One Yoga Day Experience at our yoga retreat:

  • Waking Up. Revising the Night. Warming UP. Meditation Practice.
  • Morning Tea. Hatha Yoga. Yoga Nidra.
  • Breakfast. Free Time. Juice Time. Sitted Meditation (Self-guided).
  • Lunch. Practice of Noble Silence.
  • Afternoon practice of Hatha Yoga & Mantra Yoga.
  • Dinner. Discussion. Rest