AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJaAAAAJDA4ODRhOWFmLWZkODEtNGM5Ny04OWU4LTljOGRhZGU1M2IzZAAdaptability is a virtue or noble quality by which one adapts or fits himself to others, whatever their nature may be. A man of adaptability accommodates himself with others, whatever their temperaments may be. Adaptability is a peculiar knack or pluck to win the hearts of others and ultimately the battle of life by a little bit of bending.

The world runs on adaptability. He who knows the art or science of adaptability pulls on quite well in this world and is always happy under all conditions of life.

lt does need much wisdom and ingenuity for developing adaptability. Remember the maxim: “Obedience is greater than service.” The superior wants a little respect. Say “Hanji-Hanji, Ji-huzur, very well Sir.” lt costs you nothing. Then your superior becomes your slave. He has for you a soft corner in his heart. You become his pet. He will do whatever you want. He will excuse your mistakes. Humility and obedience are necessary for developing adaptability. That egoistic, proud man flnds it very difficult to adapt himself. He is always in trouble. He always fails in his attempts. Egoism and pride are two important and insurmountable obstacles in the way of developing adaptability.

Adaptability makes friendship last for a long time. A man of adaptability can pull on with anybody in any part of the world. People unconsciously love a man of adaptability. Adaptability gives immense strength and profound joy. Adaptability develops will.

A man of adaptability has to make some sacrifice. Adaptability develops the spirit of sacrifice. lt kills selfishness. A man of adaptability has to share what he has with others. He has to bear insult and hard words. A man of adaptability develops the feelihg of unity or oneness of life. For Vedantic Sadhana it is of invaluable help.
He who practises adaptability has to destroy the feelings of Ghrina, contempt and the idea of superiority. He has to mix with all. He has to embrace all. Adaptability develops universal love and kills the feeling of hatred. He has to develop patience and endurance. These virtues develop by themselves when he tries to adapt himself with others. A man of adaptability can live in any environment. He can bear the heat of Benares or Africa. He can live in a hut. He can live in a cool place. He develops balance of mind. He can bear extreme heat and cold. Adaptability brings eventually Atma-Jnana. He who has this noble virtue is a great man in all the three worlds. He is always happy and successful.