Siva Yogaswami speaks of work


Enough of learning!

Remain separate like the five fingers. but when there is work to do, co-operate
in doing it like the hand.

How foolish it is to judge a man by one bad quality, ignoring all his other good

Whatever work you have to do, do it well. That in itself is yoga.

Wisdom will come, if you do your duty well.

Because of worldliness the light in the faces of the young has become less
bright nowadays.

Lord Jesus Christ has said: “Don’t suffer for my sake. Work hard for your own
emancipation.” Without improving yourself, what is the use of doing service to

Siva Yogaswami

2 thoughts on “Siva Yogaswami speaks of work

  1. Reblogged this on life through rosy glasses and commented:
    Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I firmly believe that one has to work hard for his own emancipation and peace. Putting your heart and soul and delving deeply into the work concerned is yoga itself.It is our Dharma too and there is no better satisfaction than a job well done.

    1. Yes, indeed. The process is more important for a self-growth than any end-product. The latter separates you into here and there, before & after. The former allows you to flow in the here & now. Without end-product, the process becomes endless, timeless, spaceless. Good luck!

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