Shloka 09
Those who merely perform sacrifices [avidya] go into a darkness
that is like being blind. But those who merely worship gods and
goddesses [vidya] go into a deeper darkness.
(Shloka 9)

*Sacrifices – in the sense of actions in the outside
*Worship gods – in the meaning of inner actions (meditation)

Shloka 10

The wise say that the path of avidya and the path of vidya produce different results.
(Shloka 10)

Shloka 11

He who worships gods and goddesses [vidya] and also performs
sacrifices [avidya] attains immortality by sacrifices [avidya] and
attains bliss by worshipping gods and goddesses [vidya].
(Shloka 11)

* Comments by Yoga Light-House

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