Expression of Love (Devotion)

DSC_0372The Higher can be worshiped in any manner or through any mediator to which the worshiper feels reverence and love, for being the soul of the universe, I am seated throughout

Worshiper of Me does not want anything, even transcendence, if I offer it to him, for the lack of desire – the most direct path to Liberation

I am always with those who lack any expectations, who give themselves to contemplating Me, who are serene, free from hatred and see Me everywhere

Srimad Bhagavatam

Action & inaction

DSC_1999No one can remain inactive even for a moment; being forced to act by the very qualities of Nature.

The wise man sees inactivity in action and action in inactivity; he is a yogi who performs all actions.

Finding satisfaction in individual actions (dharma) the man can achieve perfection. 

Perform your action, Arjuna, with feeling and attitude of yogi. Cast away attachment and be neutral to success or failure. Yoga is forbearance.

Bhagavad Gita